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Quote Of The Day: Thomas Watson On Christ’s Blood In The Lords Supper

1) It is a reconciling blood (Col 1.21). Sin rent us off from God; Christ’s blood cements us to God.

2) It is a quickening blood (John 6.54). The life of our soul is in the blood of Christ.

3) It is a cleansing blood (Heb 9.14). As the merit of Christ’s blood pacifies God, so the virtue of it purifies us. It is a laver to wash in (1 John 1.7).

4) It is a softening blood. There is nothing so hard but may be softened by this blood. It will soften a stone. It turns a flint into a spring…the heart becomes soft and the waters of repentance flow from it.

5) It cools the heart. The heart naturally is hot, it burns in lust and passion, but Christ’s blood allays this heart and quenches the inflammation of sin. Christ’s blood cools the heat of sin like water to the fire.

6) It comforts the soul. Christ’s blood cures the trembling of the heart. The blood of Christ can make a prison become a palace.

7) It procures heaven (Heb 10.19). Our sins shut heaven; Christ’s blood is the key which opens the gate of paradise for us.

“Let us prize Christ’s blood in the sacrament. It is drink indeed (John 6.55).” These are great things to meditate on while looking forward to Holy Communion.”

from The Lord’s Supper by Thomas Watson


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What did Calvin think about chiliasm (millennialism)?

john-calvin“This fiction is too puerile to need or to deserve refutation. Nor do they receive any countenance from the Apocalypse, from which it is known that they extracted a gloss for their error, (Revelation 20:4,) since the thousand years there mentioned refer not to the eternal blessedness of the Church, but only to the various troubles which await the Church militant in this world” (Institutes 3.25.5).

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Quote of the Day: Athanasius on the Atonement

“He [‘Christ’] suffered these things, not for His own sake but for ours. ‘Thou has made Thy wrath to rest upon me’ [Psalm 88:7, 16] . . . He suffered for us, and bore in Himself the wrath that was
the penalty of our transgression”

—Athanasius, Letter to Marcellinus on the Interpretation of the Psalms

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Quote Of The Day: Baptist Faith & Message on Humanity

“The sacredness of human personality is evident in that God created man in His own image,… therefore, every person of every race possesses full dignity and is worthy of respect and Christian love”.


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Francis Schaeffer On Evangelism

“We must remember that the person to whom we are talking, however far from the Christian faith he may be, is an image-bearer of God. He has great value, and our communication with him must be in genuine Love. Love is not an easy thing; it is not just an emotional urge, but an attempt to move over and sit in the other person’s place and see how his problems look to him. Love is a genuine concern for the individual….Therefore, to be engaged in personal “witness” as a duty or because our Christian circle exerts a social pressure on us, is to miss the whole point. The reason we do it is that the person before us is an image-bearer of God, and he is an individual who is unique in the world. This kind of communication is not cheap”

Schaeffer, The God Who Is There

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Quote: John Chrysostom On The Law


“For our sins,” says the Apostle; we had pierced ourselves with ten thousand evils, and had deserved the gravest punishment; and the Law not only did not deliver us, but it even condemned us, making sin more manifest, without the power to release us from it, or to stay the anger of God. But the Son of God made this impossibility possible for he remitted our sins, He restored us from enmity to the condition of friends, He freely bestowed on us numberless other blessings.

John Chrysostom, Commentary of St. John Chrysostom, On the Epsitle of St. Paul to the Galatians 1:4.


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Quote:What Makes a Doctrine “Biblical”? On Method

“I’ll conclude by summarizing a Protestant evangelical Baptist method thusly: it is illumined by the Spirit, rooted in biblical exegesis, governed by patterns of biblical language, shaped by the biblical economy, guided by the biblically-derived rule of faith, guarded by biblically-derived tradition, refined by systematic and philosophical reflection, and located within the communion of the saints.” -Matt Emerson

You can read the full article here.

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