Young, Restless, No Longer Reformed

Years ago a pastor friend e-mailed me and said he was reading a book by Collin Hansen Young Restless and Reformed. He went on to say it helped him understand me better. I knew him pretty well and I knew what he was saying was out of candid sincerity but it made me wonder what was it that lead him to believe any of these things about me. Was I young? At the time maybe. Was I restless? Looking back I can definitely say yes. Was I Reformed? That’s too complicated to get in to here. But one thing I wasn’t was the crowed described in Young Restless and Reformed.

The idea behind Young Restless and Reformed was that there were these evangelicals who experienced the best that contemporary evangelicalism could offer (i.e. Arminian, seeker driven, motivational preaching, cutting edge praise and worship music, mega churches, celebrity pastors, etc.) and came out of that feeling short changed. The product in other words didn’t live up to the hype. They found refuge in the theology of the Reformers but were restless because they didn’t know how to bring this recovered theology into contemporary Church. This became a new endevor for the YRR crowed.

Enter  in Austin Fischer, Young, Restless, No Longer Reformed describing his way from “Reformed” theology back to Arminian theology. I haven’t read this book but I came across an interesting blog post written by Kevin DeYoung which you can find here.


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