Quote: Russell Moore on the Gospel

“Strangely enough, the increasing marginalization of Christianity offers an opportunity for the church to reclaim a gospel vision that has been too often obscured, even within the sectors of the church we think of as “conservative.” Russell Moore, Onward

This passage from Moore’s book Onward could catch us off guard. In other words the assumption might be, how can we go wrong by being conservative? If we qualify that term a bit we want to conserve the teachings of Christ. However, Moore describes a situation where we (the church) have rested on our laurels of be conservative so much so that the primary issues of Christ crucified have become “obscured” in exchange for something more like social conservatism.

More’s suggestion that we reclaim the gospel vision is definitely a good point. I would also add that we begin to open dialogue so that we might discuss what that even means.

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