Ken Jones on Knowing the Times

Few would deny the fact that we live in strange, interesting, and challenging times. In the span of just 20 years, life in the United States of America has undergone radical and dramatic changes. As technology has rendered new tools and techniques, life as we have known it will never be the same again. From ATM machines to the internet, to video games and cable television artifacts that have launched us into a “brave new world” surround us. Our technology has given us access to abilities and conveniences beyond what we previously thought possible. It is easy to see how technology has changed how we live and how we do business. But, how has these same developments changed our values and how we think? Sociologists and historians have documented the far-reaching effects of the 19th century’s “Industrial Revolution” on western civilization. The emergence of factories had a tremendous effect on the economy, family life, leisure time, and ethics in general. Workers came off the farm and into the factory, while the automobile enabled people to travel farther than they had before for work and pleasure. As western man utilized his expanded leisure time, increased time, increased income, and mobility, business and industries created countless allurements to compete for that time and money which was then available. The result was less family time and an increase in entertainment and non-essential purchases. All of these things contributed to a change in life style and worldview.CONTINUE READING

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