Megachurch By The Numbers

Here are some interesting stats gauging the current condition of the American Megachurch. My interest in this is trivial at best but it is interesting to see what people are thinking about Church. This particular survey by Leadership Network shows that Megachurches are still bringing in the numbers. However, while older megachurches are hanging on to their baby boomers they are losing their gen-Xers and millennials. Some of the key areas of success are smaller venues (sanctuary, small groups), multiple campuses, increased number of weekly services (which only makes sense if you have smaller venues), Churches that “specialize” in global out reach, and a clear mission purpose.

This survey by Hartford Institute shows some of the pros and cons of younger churches before or after 1990. Older churches tend have more pastoral longevity, higher attendance, member involvement, and money.

Younger megachurches have advantages but also drawbacks, a new report shows. Graphic courtesy of Leadership Network


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