Trinity Part 1

“The doctrine of the Trinity is seldom preached in evangelical churches; even its practical values are neglected…” -Carl F. H. Henry, God Revelation and Authority, Vol 5: God Who Stands And Stays, Part 1

It isn’t very hard to agree with Henry on this point. A preached sermon on the Trinity doesn’t come around too often. It isn’t intentional, the fact of the matter is there are many things for pastors to preach on. Moreover, the way in which the Trinity has been handed down to the Western church hasn’t provided it the content that is due such an import belief. Therefor for most believers a discussion on the Trinity rarely goes passed the proof text. In fact for many people the Trinity is something they just would rather not talk about because it is believed to be a paradox, a mathematical conundrum, or even for some a shackle of orthodoxy.

I agree with Carl Henry but I would take it one step further and say that the implications of the Trinitarian belief are rarely explored too. Such an avoidance is a travesty to all things Christian. That is to say if you don’t have the Trinity then you don’t have Christianity. Yes it is that severe hence for the contemporary church goer this belief in the Trinity with all its implication is that relevant.

Foundation to all understanding of reality is a universal that provides meaning to all the particulars. Such a relationship between the many and the one exists in the Trinity. That is why foundational to any predication about the world around us must begin with this important doctrine that cannot be relegated to secondary status. That being the case it is important for us to discuss and understand the Trinity. It is this doctrine that separates Christianity from every non-Christian religion and non-christian philosophy.

More to come on this.


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