New Music Station

220px-Wittenberg_Thesentuer_SchlosskircheI have always felt left out of the “worship wars” debate. Most of the time the debate is over what type of music should we play at Church “Contemporary” or “Traditional”. One of the really neat things I’ve noticed in the third service is Mark has been taking traditional hymnody and putting a contemporary spin on it which I have truly enjoyed. Going back to my original thought. Reducing the debate to just two categories (contemporary or traditional) follows what we call in Philosophy a False Dilemma. Why? because the church has seen more than just two music styles in its history.  I have noticed different genres within the two categories we are most familiar with. The reason why this happens is because “Contemporary” usually means whats happening now in worship music and generally speaking “Traditional” is usually understood as the worship music our parents worshiped to in the 40s and 50s. Being a “Reformation Nerd” I really enjoy what i’m going to call a “Classical” worship style. Only problem is my worship category never even gets considered. Whats up with that?

Believe it or not I only mention this to plug an online music station that I came across that I REALLY enjoy and thought you might too. Its called the “Wittenberg Nightingale“. Give it a try and tell me what you think. If anything it will give you an alternative to the same Christmas songs we have been listening to the past 2 months.


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