Thank God for the New Atheism!

Such a snazzy title. How can one not read it? I recently came across this article from Alister McGrath (Andreas Idreos Professor of Science and Religion at the University of Oxford) that was pretty insightful. He writes,

So let me begin by thanking Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett, Sam Harris and Christopher Hitchens for causing this new cultural interest in God and religion. Their high-profile campaigns against faith have reopened both interest in and discussion of the big questions of life. I’m delighted that they have done so.

The “Four Horsemen” are given credit for opening the theistic debate once again and peaking the interest of the masses. This is an interesting case of man meaning it for evil and God meaning it for good. What is even more interesting is the criticism that the “Four Horsemen” have received from their own atheistic counter parts as being uninformed and lacking thoughtfulness. An example of this can be seen here.

If you remember our discussion on the Trinity back in June I discussed Hitchens’ book God Is Not Great. Aside from my critique of his book I also expressed that I could not figure out how it was that this book was a best seller. McGrath explains that their overly simplified approach to the debate and “sloganeering” was the catalyst that opened the conversation once again. And now as McGrath has stated “The conversation has now moved past the sloganeering stage. The froth has disappeared, leaving us free to look critically at arguments and evidence. And that’s when things have started to get interesting all over again.”

Now as the result of the work of the “Four Horseman” we can come to the table once again and talk seriously about the Theistic debate. You can read the whole article here.

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