New Poll By Life Way Finds Gaps In Christian Ed

Bad news in the area of Christian Education. Apparently a survey was conducted by Life Way for Ligonier that showed many “evangelicals” are confused about the beliefs of the Christian faith. While there was some good findings like belief in the resurrection, salvation in Christ alone, there were other areas mostly pertaining to Christ’s nature, the order of salvation, and the Holy Spirit that received low scores. One of the quotes I found interesting explaining this phenomenon was by John Stackhouse:

John Stackhouse, professor of theology and culture at Regent College in Vancouver, agrees. “We continue to hold adult Christian education in low regard,” he said. “A sermon on Sunday morning and a conversational Bible study during the week won’t get the job done of informing and transforming people’s minds along the lines of orthodox Christian belief.”

I think Stackhouse has a point with one caveat. The challenge isn’t with the quantity of meeting opportunities but more with the quality. He mentions for example “conversational Bible study”. A conversational approach isn’t necessarily the problem. I have seen conversational approaches done well and I’ve seen them done very poorly. The purpose of the conversational approach is to help people internalize the answers. However, it should not be used as an opportunity for “stream of consciousness” or subjectivist Bible study where everyone has a thought and they’re all correct (This reminds me of Paul’s criticism of the Corinthians).

At any rate you can read about the survey conducted by Life Way here. Feel free to leave any comments.

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